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Welcome to Fresno State Student Housing!

We’re glad you’ve decided to spend this year with us!


At Fresno State Student Housing, we strive to develop a dynamic and comprehensive living and learning community where our residents have the opportunity to enhance their college experience, while living and studying alongside a diverse population of Fresno State students. Fresno State Student Housing is the only on-campus housing offered at Fresno State giving students not only the benefit of living at the heart of university life, but the convenience of close proximity to classes and academic resources, as well as a secure and safe environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A Message from our Housing Director

Welcome to Fresno State Student Housing, the only on-campus student housing located on the Fresno State campus! We’re glad you decided to spend this year with us. We hope the information in the student handbook will be useful in answering your questions, outlining our services and providing guidelines for effective living and learning in our community. The calendar gives you a place to record important dates to remember. Keep the planner with you to refer to when you have questions.

All of us at Fresno State Student Housing want you to know that we care about your on-campus living experience. At Fresno State Student Housing we’ve created a living and learning environment that will enhance your personal growth and development. This unique community will give you quality facilities to ensure your comfort, vital services to enhance your safety and meals to meet your health (and taste) requirements.

We hope that your experience at Fresno State Student Housing will be rewarding to you. You will meet a diverse group of people and have opportunities to get involved in a variety of ways. What you get out of your residence hall experience will depend on what you put into it. We hope that you seek opportunities to learn more about yourself and the people who live around you. We also encourage you to try new experiences and get involved in activities so that you can enhance your skills. The Housing and Residential Life Staff are ready to challenge you and guide you in creating a beneficial experience apart from the classroom.

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Again, we welcome you and hope you’ll be proud to call Fresno State Student Housing “HOME”.

Erin Boele
Director of Housing

Meet Our Staff

Our staff works hard to make sure your stay here is the best it can possibly be!

erin boele portrait

Erin Boele

Director of Housing

The Director of Housing ensures that the goals of the staff can be met. She is responsible for overall housing operations, personnel, administration, and financial operation.

michele dunlap portrait

Michele Dunlap

Assistant Director of Housing

The assistant director of housing oversees the day-to-day operation of the Residential Life Program, marketing and summer conferences.

anali fuentes portrait

Anali Fuentes

Coordinator of Housing Operations

Responsible for the application procedures, housing assignments, and daily operation of the 24 Hour Customer Service Desk, Computer Lab, and mail.


Anthony Zataray

Marketing and Summer Conference Coordinator

Responsible for overseeing communications and publicity, special events, and marketing to groups considering Student Housing as a site for overnight accommodations during the year.

ernesto rios portrait

Ernesto Rios

Maintenance Technician

The Maintenance Technician is responsible for the daily operations of maintenance, housekeeping, and groundskeeping.

maria renteria portrait

Maria Renteria

Accounting Technician

Responsible for maintaining financial records for all students living on campus including student accounts, financial aid, and payment plans.

madison wilfong portrait

Madison Wilfong

Office Assistant

Responsible for purchasing, accounts payable, and inventory.