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The Care Package Program

A care package is a nice way to support your student during events.

On our custom site, you can order from a wide selection of value packed traditional packages as well as some of the best organic packages available. If these don’t meet your needs, simply build your own package with our custom package option. You can also take advantage of our bundled package offerings, and order packages for the entire year at one time.


You will also have an opportunity to write an encouragement card which will be included in the package, along with a stamped, addressed thank you card, giving your student the chance to express their thanks.

Fast & Secure

Our web store is secure, and the entire process will take about 5 minutes. There is no need to enter a shipping address or ship date for a particular event, those details have been taken care of. Simply choose your packages for each event, put in your information, and you are done.

Care packages are great for one event or the entire year.

This program is sponsored by Fresno State Student Housing, however, please direct any questions about our care package program to 800-929-8184 or email us at Your support is appreciated.
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