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It is your responsibility to read the items listed on this page, as well as the entire on-campus living application packet before you submit the required documents and respond to all Fresno State Student Housing written or phone communication within the deadlines specified.

Several aspects of the license agreement, as well as related Fresno State Student Housing procedures and deadlines, are discussed throughout the application packet. There are financial responsibilities that must be met if you apply for and are assigned a bed. The application packet includes the following documents: – Student Housing and Meal Plan License Agreement – Application Personal Profile – Emergency Information and Health Insurance Card – Payment Plan Agreement – Meningococcal form (freshman only) You are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as the application materials are available. The academic year and Spring on-campus living application packet is available in October prior to the academic year. Your completed application should be received by Fresno State Student Housing as soon as possible for your best opportunity to receive housing (subject to bed availability or placed on the waiting list). Fresno State Student Housing will continue to accept applications; however, all bed space is subject to availability or placed on the Fresno State Student Housing waiting list. If you overlook answering questions or submitting the $150 security deposit and $50 non-refundable application fee, it can directly affect your on-campus living status. Be sure you print the application for the correct year as submitting an application for an incorrect year will require you to cancel the application and resubmit the correct year’s application. Do not modify or alter the documents. The original documents are on file with the Office of the Staff Council of the Auxiliary Corporations, 2771 E. Shaw Ave., Fresno, CA 93711 and all applicants are bound to these documents. Application and acceptance to the university and applying for the on-campus living are two separate processes. You must notify the university and Fresno State Student Housing separately and within cancellation deadlines, if you do not attend the university and/or do not live on-campus. Fresno State Student Housing’s full cancellation policy, processing fee, and Administrative Fee are included in the application materials. California State University, Fresno’s application, and the information are available at Fresno State Student Housing information is available online or by calling us at 800.555.0482 or 559.278.2345.
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