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Financial Aid Automatic Deduction

Here are the steps you need to follow to make sure your Fresno State Student Housing fees get deducted properly.

Step 1:

Student Housing Accounting staff reviewed the financial aid award of residents who chose the Financial Aid (F/A) Automatic Deduction payment plan as of August 1st for the fall semester and will be reviewed for the spring semester January 2nd – January 6th. 

If your financial aid package has changed since the review period please contact our accounting office at 559-278-2396.

Step 2:

Example of how Student Housing determines the amount available to apply to your housing account.

Residents awarded financial aid do not receive the funds in one disbursement at the beginning of the academic year. You will receive half of your award in the fall semester and the remaining half in the spring semester.

 Scenario 1Scenario 2
Academic Year Award$7200$5000
½ of award$3600$2500
Estimated Fall Award$3600$2500

Once the award for Fall is determined the following expenses are deducted:

 Scenario 1Scenario 2
Academic Year Award$3700$2500
½ of award$3300$3300
Estimated Fall Award$400$0 (available to housing)

Step 3:

Student Housing will post the amount of $400 onto your “My Fresno State Portal” under the line item “Expected FinAid Apply to Housing” for Scenario 1. In Scenario 2, the resident is responsible to make payments according to payment schedule.

Please note this line item located on your portal is not your housing balance, it is the amount Student Housing is requesting from financial aid on your behalf to apply to your housing and meal expenses.

Step 4:

Student Housing will send notification (by mail) to the resident and designated payor (if applicable) of the expected housing payment from financial aid and the remaining unpaid balance (if any) for the semester.

Step 5:

The resident and designated payor (if applicable) will be billed for payment as it becomes due based on your payment schedule for the remaining portion of the semester.

Steps 1 – 5 will be repeated for the Spring semester.

Important Notes

  • You are not able to view your housing balance online.
  • The Fresno State Financial Aid Office does not have access to your housing balance. They are able to pull up information listed on your “My Fresno State Portal” only.
  • Example – If you are told by the financial aid office that all of your charges have been paid, this simply means the amounts posted in your Fresno State portal have been paid. *Please remember that the amount posted by housing is not your housing balance, but the available award (after all other expenses) that Student Housing can apply toward your housing balance and may or may not pay your housing balance in full.   
  • Residents who receive a check from the financial aid office may still have a housing balance since Student Housing is restricted in the type of funds we are able to apply toward your housing account.
  • Residents and parents electing to apply for student or parent loans after the deadline of August 1st (Fall) & January 2nd (Spring) must complete the “Loan Auto Deduct” form available at the Atrium desk prior to the loan disbursement date. Also, the loan must be complete and approved for disbursement at the time the form is completed.
  • If your award does not cover the full semester amount you are required to make your payments based on your payment schedule by the due date to avoid a $25 late fee.
  • Student Housing is not able to use scholarship awards unless the resident completes the “Loan Auto Deduct” form prior to the deadline(s).
  • Student Housing cannot request for the Cal B access grant to be applied to your housing account. The funds will be issued in the form of a check to the resident. However, if you have a housing balance you may deposit or cash your check and make your payment at the accounting desk. 
  • All housing account inquiries must be directed to the Accounting desk located in the Student Housing Office between the hours of 8am – 4:45pm or you may call (559) 278-2396.