Step 1:

Fresno State Student Housing accounting staff will review the financial aid award of residents who chose the Financial Aid (F/A) Automatic Deduction payment plan between the period of July 15th – July 25th for the Fall semester. (January 2nd – January 9th for the Spring semester.)

If you would like to change your current payment plan to the Financial Aid Automatic Payment Plan, there is a $50 processing fee that must be paid at the time of the change.

Step 2:

Example of how Fresno State Student Housing determines the amount available to apply to your housing account.

Residents awarded financial aid do not receive the funds in one disbursement at the beginning of the academic year. You will receive half of your award in the Fall semester and the remaining half in the Spring semester.

Academic Year Award $7,200
½ of award $3,600
Estimated Fall Available Award $3,600

Once the award for Fall is determined the following expenses are deducted:

Estimated Fall Award $3,600
Tuition Expenses $1,844
Estimated Housing Funds $1,756

Step 3:

Fresno State Student Housing will post the estimated housing funds amount of $1,756 onto your “My Fresno State Portal” under the line item “Expected FinAid Apply to Housing”

Please note this line item located on you portal is not your housing account balance, it is the amount Fresno State Student Housing is requesting from financial aid on your behalf to apply to your housing and meal expenses.

Step 4:

Fresno State Student Housing will send notification (by mail) to the resident and designated payor (if applicable) of the expected housing payment from financial aid and the remaining unpaid balance (if any) for the semester.

Step 5:

The Resident and designated payor (if applicable) will be billed for payment as it becomes due based on your payment schedule for the remaining portion of the semester.

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