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Pet Policy for Residents

Pets of any kind (i.e. snakes, mice, puppies, kittens, etc.) are not permitted upon Student Housing premises

If a resident is found with a pet, they will be given a warning to remove the pet within 24 hours. Larger animals (including small cats and dogs) will need to be removed immediately. If the resident fails to remove the pet or is not present, Student Housing staff will confiscate the animal. Pets that are confiscated may or may not be returned to residents. In the case of animals such as cats and dogs, when confiscated the animal will be sent to a shelter. If a resident is found to be in possession of unapproved animal, staff may enter the room for random unannounced checks to verify animal has been removed for the remainder of the  license agreement.


Any aquatic fish in aquariums of maximum five gallons total capacity per resident are allowed to be kept in Fresno State dorms.

Residents who require service animals need to work through the Services for Students with Disabilities Office prior to bringing the animal on campus. Once SSD sends an approval letter to Housing, the student must meet with the Director to receive Housing approval.

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