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Our mission is to promote a positive change for campus residence.

Fresno State’s Residence Hall Association or RHA is a student organization held within Fresno State Student Housing.

The Resident Hall Association serves as the representative body of the residents at California State University, Fresno. Programs are provided so residents may express themselves and connect with their fellow community members.

What does RHA do?

A better question would be “What doesn’t RHA do?”

Each housing area is represented by either an executive board member or a hall representative where residents can come to with their concerns that then will be shared with Residential Life staff, Maintenance staff or Dining Services Staff.​

One of our goals is to have residents create a network while you are here with us at Fresno State Student Housing. Your fellow residents are not just your neighbors but they are potentially your new best friend.

RHA plans events for all residents to create a social atmosphere where you can feel a sense of belonging and acceptance. We also support the Resident Advisors and their programs that are put on. Our goal is to make sure that residents have a fun living experience. Residents are welcomed to share ideas of programs they wish to see be repeated or started.

Executive Board Members, Hall Representative, and Members are not a part of the Residential Life Staff. We do work in conjunction with Residential Life staff but we are not staff. ​

In conjunction with Residential Staff and Dining Services Staff we work together to make a positive experience for current and future residents. We want to make sure residents feel at home here at Fresno State.

RHA Advisors

Here are some of the people who make the RHA possible.

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