Program Proposal

    Submit to RD at least 7 days prior to program. Each organizer should submit their own sheet. If you are reqesting funds, please submit the appropriate form in addition to the program form.

    Targeted Buildings:

    Targeted population:

    Active or Passive Program?

    Social or Educational Program?

    If educational, which area of wellness?

    Title of Program:

    Date of Program:

    Time of Program:

    Expected Number of Residents:

    Location of program:

    How do you plan to market your Program:

    What are the Learning Outcomes for the residents? What will the residents gain?

    Are there other campus events that are occurring at the same time?

    If Yes, Please Explain:

    Description of Program Activity - including what your role will be in this program:

    Funds requested:

    List Requested purchases

    Choose person to send email:

    Baker RD
    Homan and Graves RD
    Suites RD
    Tanis (PSAs)

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