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Help us make sure our Student Housing dorms are the best they can be.

Residents can request that room, suite or common area items be repaired by completing a Facility Service Request at the 24-Hour Service Desk. (Examples: ceiling lights, desk lights, heating or A/C repairs, door locks or bathroom repairs.) Service requests are picked up by the housing and maintenance staff at least twice-a-day. Due to the number of residents, maintenance is not available to rearrange furniture or hang pictures. Repairs are usually completed within 48 hours of the request being submitted, and maintenance concerns are addressed Monday – Friday between 8:00am and 4:00pm. (Exception: During the first two weeks of each semester, repairs may require additional processing time due to the higher volume of requests experienced during that time.) Emergency repairs are completed after hours or on weekends. Repairs are prioritized based on health and safety concerns, order of receipt and extensiveness of repair. Repairs made as a result of damage caused by the resident are billed to the resident.

Housekeeping Cleaning Schedule

South Suites

(Birch, Cedar, Sequoia)

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

North Suites

(Aspen, Ponderosa, Sequoia)

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday