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You’ve done a great job keeping our community safe.

– Wearing masks and/or facial coverings.

– Staying physically distant (at least 6ft) when interacting with small groups of people face-to-face

– Washing your hands regularly and for at least 20 seconds.

What Covid safety precautions are being taken at Fresno State?

Start having conversations with your family/friends on what your experience has been like at Fresno State.

– What is the COVID culture at your destination or as you travel to your destination? Will you need to quarantine?

– What will interaction with family and friends look like?  Do you have any immune-compromised friends/parents/siblings?

– How do you plan on traveling during the break? How limited are the flights/buses/trains?

– Let those who you will be hanging out with know what your exposure has been at school.  Are they familiar with your germ bubble members? Are you able to describe to them the precautions you’ve been taking these last 3 months.

– Below are a few helpful links:

Communicate expectations with your suite/roommates and your Fresno State circle of friends.

Communicating and establishing expectations between you and your suitemates will be important before you depart Fresno State.  Have you let your suitemates and germ bubble members know that you will be traveling during Thanksgiving and/or Winter Break? Below are some questions to consider:

– What are your expectations and plans for isolating when you return to campus?

– How do you plan to communicate to your suitemate, germ bubble members, and the university if you think you may have been exposed while you were traveling?

– Please reach out to this link to report any possible exposure: LINK

– For more support related to COVID19, please visit the

Here are a few final things to consider as you plan your travels.

Fresno State is conducting mandatory COVID-19 testing the week prior to Thanksgiving break (Nov. 16-18) and then again the week of your return (Dec. 1-3) to help you understand your status as you broaden your circle and then return to the University.
Again, your efforts to help keep those in our community (and their family and friends) healthy is appreciated. Please let us know if you have any questions or need any support.  We are here for you.