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Here are some of the many reasons you should come stay with us.

All Inclusive Bill

Leave your worries to us

We take care of everything for you. One price includes: air conditioning and heat, meals, utilities (electricity, gas, water, garbage and sewer), fully furnished room, access to all amenities and programs offered by Fresno State Student Housing, basic cable, internet, housekeeping and maintenance. The halls remain open over holiday breaks at no additional charge. This all-inclusive package allows students to focus on the more important aspects of college, including academic success and having fun!


Walk anywhere

Residents at Fresno State Student Housing don’t have to worry about access to classes, buildings, parking and events on-campus, they live as close as you can get! Our facilities are located within easy walking distance of everything on-campus, including the Library, Kennel Bookstore, Student Union and the Save Mart Center. The students who live on-campus also have access to our Residential Life Staff, who are available 24-7 to provide support as they navigate college life.


The heart of the student housing area is within walking distance of:

  • Local Fast Food Chains
  • The Recreation Center (Gym)
  • University Student Union
  • Fresno State Library

Fun & Experience

Get involved

Living on-campus is an experience you’ll never forget. You will have the opportunity to meet students from all walks of life and forge friendships that will last far beyond your college years. Do not worry about meeting people; Fresno State Student Housing’s Residential Life Staff runs over 360 social and educational programs each year geared towards giving residents the opportunity to meet others.

Academic Success

The Facts

Statistics prove that Fresno State Student Housing residents are more likely to succeed in college than students living off-campus and have a higher GPA than the Fresno State average. They are also more likely to graduate.


Learning Communities

Fresno State Student Housing provides a variety of programs designed to supplement and support the academic success of our residents. Our learning community will guarantee you 3 general education courses for the upcoming Fall semester. Previous learning community courses have included: History 11(DISCOVERe) and 12, Communications 8 and 3, Drama 62, Humanities 10, Music 74, English 10 and English 5A.



Resident Life Support

We want to support you as much as possible. The atrium help desk is open 24/7 and key-card access ready to answer any inquiries or provide you with anything you may need. Community hall desks are staffed with residential life staff at night and supervise community halls. There are also blue emergency pillars everywhere around campus that will call campus police in an emergency.

Campus Police

Fresno State Student Housing utilizes an electronic key card system to ensure security for our residents. Our Public Safety Assistants (with Resident Advisors and University Police) patrol the halls in the evening and early morning hours to make you feel secure in your environment. Residents can also easily access Fresno State’s on-campus escort service for transportation to and from night classes and campus events. Furthermore, each room comes with a lockable safe where residents can store valuable belongings.