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Emergency Situations

We’ve set up many policies and procedures for many different kinds of emergencies. We’re constantly working to keep our students safe.

Procedures for a Missing Person

In the event of a missing student, Student Housing will
(1) conduct a health and safety check of the resident’s room,
(2) attempt to contact the student via cell phone, email or other means, and
(3) identify other students who may be aware of the missing person’s whereabouts (i.e. roommate, friends, classmates, other residents, etc). If Student Housing is unable to make contact with the potential missing student they will contact the Fresno State Police Department at 559.278.8400 and/or the Dean of Students. Student Housing officials will assist the Fresno State Police Department and the University in the investigation of any missing student.

Fresno State Police will enter students into the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (CLETS) as a missing person. Fresno State Police will also send a “Be On the Lookout” broadcast to California Law enforcements agencies through CLETS.

Loss of Power

• Remain calm, immediately unplug your television, computer, radio, etc. to avoid damage from a power surge.
• After dark, remain in your room. Have a flashlight handy.
• Do not burn candles (The Fire Marshall prohibits burning candles in the residence halls).
• Emergency lighting will be provided by a generator in common hallways and stairwells only.
• Keep microfridge doors closed to maintain the temperature inside
• Laundry machines should resume cycle when power returns, but check to make sure
• Direct any questions or concerns to Student Housing Staff members who have been trained in emergency procedures and have flashlights.
• Fresno State Police will respond to any emergency that may occur as a result of a blackout.

Confidential Missing Person Contact

Each student living on-campus has the option to register anyone as their “confidential missing person contact” to be notified in the event that the student is determined to be missing. Any missing persons under the age of 18 that are not emancipated will have their parent or guardian notified as well. Only authorized campus officials and law enforcement persons in furtherance of a missing person investigation may have access to this information. To register a “confidential missing person contact,” click here:

Missing Person

For purposes of this policy, a resident may be considered a “missing person” if the resident’s absence is suspiciously different to their usual pattern of behavior and/or unusual circumstances may have caused the absence.

Reporting a Missing Person

To report a missing person, contact Student Housing at 559.278.2677 or the Fresno State Police Department at 559.278.8400 or 911 (from any campus phone).


• Stay calm.
• Avoid bookcases and windows.
• Get under a desk or table.
• Leave the building after the initial quake/shock
• Stay clear of buildings when outside.
• Follow the directions of Residential Life Staff members and Fresno State Police.