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General Safety Tips

Be Alert

Look around you; be aware of who else is around. If you think someone is following you, turn around and check. The surprise of a hostile look or aggressive words may help you avoid problems. If you feel you are in danger, make as much noise as possible. Trust your instincts—if you feel uneasy, get out of the situation as quickly as possible. Use the Blue Light Emergency Phones on campus to contact Fresno State Police.

Check Your Car

Have your keys in hand and check inside and under the car before entering. Keep your car doors locked. If followed, drive to a busy store, police station or hospital, rather than directly home. Do not leave valuable items in plain view.

Stay in the Light

Use well-traveled routes and well-lit areas. Avoid short cuts. Report any broken or damaged lights or emergency phones. Park in well-lit areas or move the car before dark.

Go in Groups

Walk with a companion or group of friends after dark or request an escort from Fresno State Police.

Lock Your Bike

Use a strong lock attaching the frame of the bike and your detachable wheel to a bike rack (U-shape locks are recommended). Register your bike through Fresno State Police by filling out the Bike Registration form below. Report bike thefts or any suspicious behavior to Fresno State Police

Health & Safety Inspections

Housing Staff will check resident rooms to ensure that all health and safety requirements are being met.

These checks are scheduled once per semester. Typically, you are informed at least twenty-four hours in advance of a room check, unless an emergency arises, when no notice may be given. During the wet and cold months, staff may be entering rooms to check for any mold issues. In addition, room checks are done during periods such as Winter Recess and Spring Recess. See Student Housing Policies section for more information.

Room Safety Tips

Check Visitors

Never open the door without checking who is there. Ask for identification if you are not sure. Use your peephole.

Be Alert in your Room

Communities are only as safe as the residents make them, so take your share of the responsibility seriously. Be alert, for yourself and others. Look out for each other. Report any suspicious behavior to the Housing Staff and University Police.

Internet Safety

Do not provide personal information on social networking websites. This includes, but isn’t limited to addresses, phone numbers, locations and place of employment. Don’t post this information about other people on their sites.

Lock Up

Keep your room door locked even when going to the bathroom and lock ground floor windows.

ID your Belongings

Engrave valuables, record all serial numbers of your property and make copies of your credit cards and driver’s license in case of theft. The Fresno State Police Department has several etchers that you can use to engrave your name or driver’s license number on your valuables. In the event the property is stolen and located, this information may help the police to identify and return your belongings to you. If you are interested in using an etcher contact the Fresno State Police Department at 559-278-8400.