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Summer Conference Other Fees

All additional fees will be charged to the group on the final invoice unless otherwise arranged.

Early Check-in and Late Check-out Fee:

Groups must check-in/out during the prearranged time period to avoid a full day charge per person. Groups will be billed for the dates indicated on their license agreement. Adjustments will not be made to billing for guests who choose to check in late or check out early.

Lockout/Lost Key:

The group’s leader or designated representative uses a master key to provide access to the rooms for any of their group’s lockouts. If the group leader or their designated representative(s) is unavailable, the locked out person must bring identification to the Atrium Desk to obtain a new key.  There is a $25.00 lost key fee assessed to the group unless the person is able to pay at the time they obtain the key.  In addition, if the person is not able to pay, the group leader or an advisor must give written permission for this charge to be assessed to the group before he/she can receive a new key.

Lost Blanket or Mattress Pad:

If the blanket or mattress pad for a bed is missing, the group will be charged as follows:

Blankets are $25.00 ea. and Mattress Pad – $17.50 ea. (Subject to change.)

Lost Linen:

If your group chooses to have linen, Fresno State Student Housing staff will walk the rooms and physically count the linen after check-out.  If any linen is determined to be missing the charges will be applied to the final billing as follows:

Sheet – $11.50 ea.           Hand towel – $5.00 ea.

Washcloth – $1.50 ea.      Bath towel – $7.75 ea.

No Shows:

Participants who do not show for their scheduled stay, as indicated on the license agreement, will be charged for the first nights’ stay.

Room Change Fee:

Room changes during or following check-in will incur a $50.00 fee. Changes are subject to availability and approval.

Improper Check-Out Fee:

Participants must check-out of Fresno State Student Housing in person during the group’s scheduled check-out time or if the participant is checking out early or late, they must check-out in person at the Atrium front desk. Groups will be assessed a $50.00 fee per person, per improper check-out.

Lost Meal Cards:

There is a $10.00 fee assessed for a lost meal card.  Cards can be replaced Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. at the University Dining Hall.

Damages or replacement items will be assessed at the appropriate dollar amount. Charges are based upon labor and material costs and are subject to increase. Charges are assessed as follows:

  • Roommates; for shared bedroom areas.
  • Suitemates; for shared living, bathroom and hall areas.
  • All floor occupants; for floor common areas or all hall common areas (i.e., laundry rooms,halls, study rooms, balconies).
  • Damages beyond normal wear and tear; not written on the master inventory form and/or your (if completed) RCR.
  • Damages that occur during your occupancy will be repaired and maintenance costs (labor and materials) will be billed to you.


Children 5 and under: Parent is charged for single room and child stays for free.  Children over 5: Parent and child each charged for bed (see Residence Suites or Community Style Halls rates above).

Debunking Beds:

A limited number of beds (a maximum of one bed per room) could be debunked and placed on the floor for an additional fee. Due to the configuration of the rooms and limited personnel, the majority of beds cannot be placed on the floor. A minimum of 2-weeks prior to the group’s arrival date, the beds requiring debunking must be indicated on the roster. The rate for debunking and rebunking is $10.00 per bed. We cannot accommodate requests to debunk beds if it is received less than 14 days prior to arrival.

Special Circumstances:

The following Special Circumstance Fees may be applied (with notice) to your group’s final bill. If any of the following special circumstances arise during your group’s stay, an agreement must be signed prior to action.

Check-in/out between the hours of 10:00pm – 6:00am (if available)

  • Under 100 guests: $50.00
  • 101 – 200 guests: $100.00
  • 201 – 300 guests: $150.00
  • 301+ guests: $200.00

Facility, classroom and vendor reservations exceeding a total of 10 reservations coordinated by Fresno State Student Housing: $50.00 fee

Pillow & Pillowcase – requested at time of check-in:

$5.00 per pillow/per seven days

Linen packets – requested at time of check-in:

$15.00 per packet/per seven days

Print outs and photo copies exceeding 25:

$0.25 per color print out

$0.15 per BW print out and copy

Note: Other special circumstances which are not listed above will be reviewed on an individual basis and fees will be proposed and charged upon approval by the group leader. All special circumstances must be in writing and are considered an amendment to the contract.