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What kind of features do I get with Student Housing?

Fresno State Student Housing provides a multitude of convenientĀ  features that increase both productivity and comfort. Here are a few examples:

– Swimming Pool

– Housekeeping & maintenance

– Quiet Living Halls

– 24hr Customer Service Desk

– Fitness Center

– University Dining Hall

– Computer Lab

– Laundry Rooms

– Freshmen Only Buildings

– Recreation Centers

– Lobbies

– Kitchens

– Hall Desks

– Mailboxes

– Study Rooms

– Package Lockers

– ATM Machines

– Conference Room

– Ice Machine

– Water Filter Station

– Bike Repair Station

– Patio

– P27 Parking Lot

– BBQ Area

– Volleyball Court

– Horseshoe Area

– Bike Barn

Fresno State Student Housing provides a variety of cozy environments to study or relax.

Our Fresno State Student Housing staff works hard to make sure our recreational areas look lit af during your student events.

We host various fun activities, like our famed Casino Night