Fire Safety

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Fire Safety

It is up to you to keep your living areas safe and prevent fire hazards. Always use a surge protector when plugging in multiple cords, especially computers or laptops. Use caution when cooking or utilizing the kitchens located in the community style halls.

Fire Extinguishers and Equipment

All halls are equipped with fire extinguishers which are to be used in the event that a minor fire should occur. If you find a fire extinguisher that is not in its proper place, please notify a member of the Residential Life Staff. Tampering with extinguishers may result in a $50.00 fine. False alarms, removal or unnecessary discharge of fire extinguishers, propping doors and removal of exit signs compromise the safety of the residence halls. Residents found engaging in the above listed activities may be dismissed from the residence halls. Other fire safety violations will be dealt with through the disciplinary process. Whenever a smoke detector alarm sounds, the alarms sound only in the room where they are activated.

Fire Alarms/Drills/Evacuation

Fire drills will be held periodically. Please note that all rooms are checked as a standard evacuation procedure and that all University policies are enforced during this time. You are REQUIRED to leave the building whenever the fire alarm is sounded. Residents with disabilities are cleared from their room first. Staff is directed to knock on the door first, then key into every room as access allows. Failure to evacuate may subject you to criminal prosecutions, fines and/or disciplinary action. In the event of a fire alarm/drill all residents in that specific building are required to report to parking lot P27. It is important for all residents and staff to evacuate immediately to designated areas in order for Residential Life Staff and emergency personnel to be able to determine if halls have been evacuated.

Smoke Detectors

All rooms are equipped with smoke detectors. If your smoke detector needs maintenance, notify staff immediately by filling out a Facility Service Request at the 24-Hour Service Desk. If a smoke detector emits a low battery beep, fill out a Facility Service Request.