The following listed amenities are free / open use. For information on any reservable amenities, meeting spaces, or additional charged amenities (linens, pillows) please visit their respective pages. There are also room specific amenities.


A variety of amenities are available for guests’ use. Supervision by your groups’ adult member(s) is required at all times when guests under 21 are using our facility or grounds.


24-Hour Service Desk

The atrium service desk is open 24 hours per day from June 1- August 10 (subject to change).

Every effort is made to provide a safe and secure environment for our on-campus guests including:

  • Electronic Key system with coded room key provided for each guest
  • Doors to each hall are locked 24/hrs per day. Guest room key provides access to assigned hall exterior door, assigned floor, assigned room, and wing gender-designated restroom.
  • Bathroom doors in the community style halls are locked 24/hr a day and a guest room key provides access to an assigned bathroom.
  • Patrols of the buildings are conducted during late evening and early morning hours by the PSAs trains and advised by the University Police. These PSAs patrol in pairs and walk through every occupied floor of every building each night.
  • Guest Supervision – Appropriate adult to youth supervision (under 21) by group is required at all times when using the facility/grounds. This supervision plays a significant role in the successful and positive interaction between many different groups staying at Student Housing during the same time period.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security is a top priority at Fresno State Student Housing. In the safety section we will talk further about safety measures we take to ensure your group feels comfortable.


Swimming Pool Area

The swimming pool area is right next to Homan hall and can be reserved free of charge. It’s the perfect way for students to cool off in the summer heat and socialize with their peers. Open daily for free swim from 2PM – 5PM & 7PM – 8PM and staffed by a lifeguard for all guests to use. Group reservations are available daily from 12PM – 2PM & 5:30 PM – 7PM. If your group needs to use the pool before noon, you must notify us no later than May 1, 2023 so that we may make the necessary arrangements. One per week during your group’s stay, the pool can be reserved for exclusive use by your guests for a maximum of 2 hours (see request form). Pool maximum capacity is 40 guests at one time. All reservations for the pool must be made prior to the group’s arrival. In the event that a lifeguard is not able to be present, the pool will be locked down and unavailable to use.

BBQ Pit & Sand Volleyball Court

Located next to the swimming pool and reservable for group gatherings.

Fitness Center

Enjoy the outdoors with your group at Fresno State Student Housing. The swimming pool cane be reserved free of charge!

Outdoor Patio Area

Located next to the Atrium the patio area has tables, chairs, and umbrellas.


Wireless Internet

Wireless internet is available throughout Fresno State Student Housing! You may request free internet access codes on the Preliminary Request Form.


An ATM is conveniently placed in the Atrium.

Laundry Facilities

Washers and Dryers available 24/7 and conveniently located throughout Fresno State Student Housing.

Big Screen TV

Televisions with basic cable service are located in the Atrium and each Community Style hall lobby area

Cold Filtered Water

Bring an empty water bottle and fill it with filtered water. Located in the Atrium near the ice machine and in each Community Style hall lobby area.

Ice Machine

Located in the Atrium for Summer Conference Guest use.

Change Machine

Located in the Atrium for Summer Conference Guest use.

Vending Machines

Located in the Atrium by the ice machine and change machine.