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Summer Conference Residence Halls Description

Gain a quality summer experience with all of our Fresno State Housing features.

Residence Suites

Suites have one-, two-, or three-bedrooms with a shared living room and shared bathroom. Gender designation in the rooms is the responsibility of the group leader. The majority of the rooms are double occupancy. Your group’s guests would be accommodated at two people per bedroom and up to six people per suite. There are a limited number of single bedrooms within the two and three bedroom configurations and guests share the suite’s common living room and bathroom. The living rooms in the residence suites are furnished with a loveseat, chair, coffee table, bookcase, and micro-fridge. Other groups will be assigned to unused suites on the same floor or within the same hall(s) as your group. There are no elevators within the complex, so guests must climb the stairs in order to access the 2nd or 3rd floors.

Community Style Halls

Rooms are located along a common hallway with two people per room of the same gender. Each building has three floors, each floor has two wings and each wing has a shared common bathroom. On the first floor of the hall is a lounge area, recreation room, guest bathroom, Web® AccessCard-operated laundry machines, and two study rooms. A limited number of single rooms are available. If you do not use all the beds within the hall, another group may be assigned to a wing or floor(s) within the same hall. A micro-fridge is provided in each community style room. There are no elevators within the complex, so guests must climb the stairs in order to access the 2nd or 3rd floors.

Air Conditioning

In an effort to conserve energy, Fresno State Student Housing requests that air conditioners be set at 78 degrees or higher.


Bedrooms include extra-long twin bed, dresser, file cabinet, desk, book carrel with task light and chair.  The beds are bunked over the desks. Closet and storage space is provided in the room.


Televisions are not included or provided in the rooms, but a big screen television is available in the Atrium. For groups assigned to a community style hall, a television is also available in the lobby.

Mattress Pad

A mattress pad is provided for each bed.


Bathrooms are supplied with liquid hand soap dispensers, toilet seat covers, and toilet paper.


Rooms are cleaned prior to your group’s arrival and after your group’s departure. The Community Style Hall common bathrooms, hallways, and lobbies are cleaned once daily. The Residence Suites’ bathrooms are cleaned twice per week. We do not offer hotel-like maid service (i.e., making the bed, cleaning the room during the stay, and room service).


Is available weekdays during business hours. Emergency service is available after hours and on weekends. If a guest’s room needs a repair, a Facility Service Request (FSR) must be completed at the Atrium Customer Service Desk. This form is required before service can be provided.

Laundry Facilities

Large capacity washers and dryers are available for use by summer guests. To use the laundry facilities, use a debit/credit card directly at the machine. When a machine is used, there will be an $8.00 hold placed on the debit/credit card. This money will be restored within 2 days of the wash/dry being completed. Washing machines and dryers are located on each floor of Aspen, Birch, Sequoia and Sycamore. Wash: $1.50/load; Dry: $1.50/hour. Suite guests use their key for access into the laundry rooms. Cedar and Ponderosa guests need to check out a Laundry Facility key for 2-hours from the Atrium Customer Service Desk and use one of the adjacent buildings. Community style laundry facilities are located on the 1st floors of Baker, Graves and Homan. Guests on the 2nd and 3rd floors should check with their group leader for use of laundry facilities.